Beauty-tainment with QR Codes

X Out QR CodeOnce again, QR Codes are used to provide a quick link to entertainment. This time as a distraction to use while washing your face! Most teens with smart phones probably have them within reach even when brushing teeth and washing their face. So why not use that phone to interact

X Out QR CodeX Out is an acne treatment that offers users a “Daily Distraction” delivered by scanning a QR Code. Wash your face while watching a video timed to the instructed product use time. The team behind X Out understands the attention span of today’s teens and offers a video as a timer with “2 Minutes of Entertainment in Every Wash.

Why not encourage using scanning a QR Code while at the bathroom sink? According to a recent study by of smart phone bathroom usage, 91 percent of Generation Y admitted to the practice and 59 percent say they use apps from the bathroom, too.

Could toothpaste entertainment be next?

Source: X Out™ – from the same people who make Proactiv®