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Companies connecting with customers through phone-friendly codes

Marketers scatter phone-friendly codes across ads By Sue Stock, McClatchy/Tribune news At first glance, a QR code looks like abstract art, but the black and white squiggly lines are poised to be the next big thing in marketing and advertising... "We're getting all the right … [Read more...]

QR code Makes Sun-Sentinal Front Page

October 27, 2010 Today's Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinal (Wednesday, October 27, 2010) has a QR code right on the front page. The QR code appears as an enhancement to an article about luxury yachts and the upcoming International Boat Show. Scan the QR code and you are taken to … [Read more...]

bit.ly Improves QR Code Optimization and Output

We reported on October 8 about bit.ly offering QR code generation by adding.qr to the end of bit.ly shortened URLs. On October 13 bit.ly actually announced their new service. We initially wrote that the bit.ly QR code was too cumbersome and not truly optimized. Since then bit.ly … [Read more...]

Turn bit.ly URLs into QR codes by adding .qr

It worked for goo.gl and it works for bit.ly! Google generated a great amount of press with the report of their "Easter Egg" URL shortener and QR code generator. One of the leading URL shortners, bit.ly has been around for a long time with great analytics. But did you know … [Read more...]

Hi-Def Imaging Reveals da Vinci Code – QR coded into famous Painting

We know from studying Leonardo da Vinci's drawing that he had many "modern" ideas. There were several flying machines, boats, armored cars, weapons and even a parachute. It was Dan Brown's book and  movie, The Da Vinci Code that held us spellbound in search of the next code and … [Read more...]

Comparing Goo.gl URL Shortener to Bit.ly & Twitter

Goo.gl has entered the URL Shortener arena in a big way offering QR codes and click tracking. If you are tracking your QR codes – your certainly should track all of your codes for your marketing campaigns – make sure to read Danny Sullivan's post at … [Read more...]

StumbleUpon emails QR code for App download

StumbleUpon introduced it's new apps for iPhone and Android with a QR code! The QR code is only scanable on Android phones since it points to the Market. … [Read more...]

Atlanta Green Company EcoDiscoveries Launches QR Code Campaign

EcoDiscoveries will be launching the implementation of QR (Quick Response) codes as part of a campaign to: inform the community about EcoDiscoveries products ways in which EcoDiscoveries is participating in efforts to positively impact the environment engage … [Read more...]

Chevrolet Using QR Codes in Newspaper Ads

This morning we observed that Chevrolet has embraced QR codes in their current ad campaign. As seen in this full-page newspaper ad there is a QR code at the lower right corner of the ad. Scan the QR code and you are prompted for your zip code and rewarded with a list of local … [Read more...]

QR Code Helps Spread Message of Stroke Risk from Atrial Fibrillation!

We have seen QR codes used to market everything from jeans to cars and taking advantage of the opportunities that smart phones offer in extending the reach of printed advertising. We are beginning to see QR codes used for health education. We found that scanning the QR code on … [Read more...]

StopAfib.org uses QR Codes to Help Atrial Fibrillation Patients

When new patients are diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) health care providers, including cardiologists, electro-physiologists, surgeons, and nurse practitioners will be handing them this card to introduce them to patient resources. The card from StopAfib.org, an … [Read more...]