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The QR Invasion – Kyoo-Ahr Kohd [InfoGraphic]

  An invasion of QR Codes has made its way to us! Physical and Digital Worlds Collide with QR Codes. This infographic from the folks at JumpScan gives a great idea of the who, what and where of QR Codes. If you haven't seen them, you will. Get your smart phone ready, go … [Read more...]

How Macy’s QR Code Campaign is Helping the Rest of Us!

Macy's is helping to educate the public about QR Codes with their TV commercials, videos and full page ads starring a QR Code front and Center, above the fold! If you are in a market where Macy's has a presence, you still need to lead the way, but Macy's in adopting QR Codes in … [Read more...]

QR Codes At-a-Glance [InfoGraphic]

The Daring Librarian has given us many tutorials and now she has shared with us her QR Code Comic Tutorial. Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones brings her librarian's point of view to the understanding of QR Codes, what they are and how they work. See this and more of The Daring … [Read more...]

US State Department Uses QR Code for Mobile Access

QR Codes are official! If you had doubts, they are officially recognized and utilized by the United States Government. Just cruise on over to State.gov and scan the QR code for the mobile version of the US State Department website. There is a link for Secretary of … [Read more...]

Mermaids, Piano Bar and a QR code!

We count ourselves among the lucky in that we are friends with a mermaid! The Miami Mermaids made news recently after the discovery of a grand piano on a sandbar in the middle of Biscayne Bay. They decided to make the best of the situation and made their way to the "piano bar" … [Read more...]

CNN Takes Aim at QR Codes

They're the next big thing for smartphones, but what can a QR code do for you? QR codes are official now, CNN has covered them! This video is an overview of QR codes and their usage in several areas. Be warned you have to view a commercial first! … [Read more...]

Ping Tags Create QR Code Link to LinkedIn

Just when you thought you had seen everything that QR codes could do, Ping Tags from SquarePush, LLC adds shows us yet another one. Now, thanks to Ping Tags, you can instantly share your LinkedIn profile with just a quick can with a smart phone! When you authorize Ping Tags to … [Read more...]

Twitter Chat Schedule

Find a Twitter Chat Still don't understand Twitter, join a chat that interests you, make some new Twitter buddies, learn something, share something.   … [Read more...]

Holiday Message QR Code

Scan this QR code for a special Christmas Greeting videos or visit QRmedia.us/elves. … [Read more...]

QR Code Christmas Card

Greeting cards this season from several sources have used QR codes or other 2d barcodes for extra fun. … [Read more...]

A Mobile Barcode Awareness Study [InfoGraphic]

Austin & Williams shared this great InfoGraphic showing growth in scanning of QR Codes in 2010. The explosion of the smartphone market allowed barcode scanning to grow 700 percent from January 2010 to July 2010.   … [Read more...]