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QR Codes Now the Most Used Mobile Channel for Engaging Customers

It’s no secret that QR Codes have come a long way over the last 12 months and that consumers are adopting them enthusiastically. In fact, this year for the first time ever, we are seeing campaigns that have generated over a million scans using the ScanLife platform. … [Read more...]

Create your own QRcard with ScanLife 4.2

We’re thrilled about the release of our new ScanLife 4.2 app for iPhone, which helps you connect with others in a whole new way. What’s New? With ScanLife 4.2, you now have the ability to create your personal contact code, or as we like to call it – … [Read more...]

ScanLife Opens the Summer with Marketing Week Live

Certain trade shows have become a must for any self-respecting marketer seeking to keep on top of the latest innovations. Marketing Week Live, one of the largest trade shows in Europe, occurs in London every year during June. The event offers up an exceptionally valuable platform … [Read more...]

Your QR Code May Have Said Too Much

We often hear that “a QR Code is just a QR Code.” While they may look the same, what happens behind the code can vary widely – and that is really where the magic happens. The value of QR Codes is vast, and one area that all marketers love is data – or … [Read more...]

Coke uses QR Codes to Kick Off the Euro Cup

To promote the popular EURO 2012 Tournament, Coca Cola has been using ScanLife powered QR Codes on millions of packages throughout Spain.   … [Read more...]

London is Calling – for QR Codes

This year, the London summer Olympics will feature QR codes that will link spectators to mobile sites featuring Olympic gear, important information and more. Get your QR code news and more from ScanLife. … [Read more...]

A Million New ScanLife Users Added

We have just released the latest ScanLife Mobile Barcode Trend Report for Q1 2011. This edition takes a look at key trends over the past twelve months as well as some vital insight regarding market adoption from both Smartphone users and mobile marketers. One of the highlights … [Read more...]

ZDNet Interviews ScanLife on QR Code Security

ZDNet has just posted an exclusive podcast interview with ScanLife CEO and President Mike Wehrs. … [Read more...]

The QR Beauty and Brains

QR Codes are great for many reasons when executed well, but let’s face it, they are not the prettiest things in the world.  To many, they look like a game of Space Invaders or some kind of bizarre maze. So here at ScanLife, we carried out a survey to find out more on the … [Read more...]

QR codes for London commuters

For those of us who live in London, and have the dubious pleasure of using public transport daily, QR codes are becoming part of the landscape. We see them in the daily newspapers, on billboards, advertisements, etc. To the surprise of many, including your humble correspondent, … [Read more...]

Eye Opening QR Code Research

When assessing the current landscape of QR Codes, several pieces of research caught our attention: Let’s begin with a study from Google and Ipsos OTX MediaCT titled “Our Mobile Planet: Global Smartphone Users” (Feb 2012). Six thousand individuals across the US, UK, … [Read more...]