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Donate a Toy by Scanning a QR Code

Ebay has launched another mobile interactive storefront with QR codes, this time with Toys for Tots to encourage toy donations during the holiday season. Shoppers can simply scan the QR code related to the toy in the window display that they wish to donate and be instantly … [Read more...]

Pepsi Cup QR Codes

I'm not a fan of QR codes that lead directly to video, so this is disappointing. However, the scan numbers for the cup are encouraging. QR codes on beverage packaging can prompt large amounts of interaction. Check out the analytics here … [Read more...]

Marlboro QR Code Offer

[Read more...]

POP Displays With QR Code Offer

See the full gallery on Posterous … [Read more...]

Dr. Marten QR Code Window Cling

Lands on a non-mobile page. Uhg. Cool cling idea though!  … [Read more...]

QR Codes Have Crazy Potential and This Video Proves It

Much has been made about the lack of QR code awareness in the U.S. but I would argue that this is a good thing. Actually it's GREAT! There is still a lot potential for QR codes and part of that is due to sheer lack of devices. A person is not going to know … [Read more...]

The Ebay Inspiration Shop QR codes

Ebay has done it! Teaming with designer Jonathan Adler, they have built a one of a kind store front in New York City that empowers mobile shoppers to buy products on their phones using QR codes. The "Inspiration" Shop is located on Park Avenue but doesn't … [Read more...]

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week QR Codes by TRESemmé

Tresemme got clever with QR codes and advertising to promote Mercedes-Benz Fashion week in New York City. These bus kiosk posters are unique and catchy, not to mention they are connected to a custom mobile website dedicated to Fashion Week and Tresemme … [Read more...]

7 Triggers of Fascination in QR Codes

Sally Hogshead’s book, Fascinate, explains the 7 triggers that ignite fascination and ways you can incorporate it into your brand. The book was fantastic and it immediately got me thinking about QR codes and what makes them fascinating to the masses. Since our brains are wired to … [Read more...]

The Red Square Stands Out In QR Codes

This picture was from an editorial post on CNN.com titled "Marketers Embrace QR Codes, for better or worse". The Tappinn trademark red square really stands on its own! The post was made it late March but the picture was down. I finally found it! … [Read more...]

Macy’s Amps Up Backstage Pass QR Codes

Macy's has released new mobile content with qr codes. It looks like they are taking "Backstage Pass" to the next level. Macy's is augmenting the retail shopping experience with exclusive and useful mobile web content and QR Codes. Check out the video below and info about … [Read more...]