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Toys R Us using QR Codes to Increase Summer Sales

School is almost out and the kids will be bored before you know it!… Time to purchase some new summer beach toys, maybe a new swing set? Whatever it maybe, it sure would be nice to get a chance to view what the toys do before purchasing it. Toys R Us stores continue to … [Read more...]

Reading Novels through QR Codes

I don’t know about you but riding public transportation tends not to be the most interesting thing to do. And while you might be riding it to get to a ball game or a concert, usually you just stand there holding on to the railings or sitting down listening to your iPod. Not … [Read more...]

Monro Muffler/Brakes using QR Codes

Shout out to our friend Kelly at Grow Socially for this great QR Code find! Kelly spotted this QR Code when getting the oil changed in her car the other day. Monro Muffler/Brakes has a QR Code on their pamphlets that promotes their mobile app. Below are a few pictures of the … [Read more...]

drupa 2012 QR Codes

Last week interlinkONE’s CEO John Foley, Jr. went to Germany to attend drupa (for those of you that are not familiar with drupa, it is the world’s largest print conference and it is held every 4 years). While John was at the show he presented on Business … [Read more...]

QR Codes on Pinterest

Unless you live under a rock, these days everyone is talking about Pinterest! So we are happy to announce that interlinkONE is on Pinterest! Our Pinterest boards are full of fun things such as “behind the scenes” office photos, helpful marketing tips, “things we love”, plenty of … [Read more...]

Weddings and QR Codes

It is very rare these days that you flip through a magazine and not come across a QR Code (a year ago this was not the case, so it is exciting to finally be able to say that). Last night while looking through some wedding magazines, I spotted a lot of QR Codes. So I thought I … [Read more...]

Happy Earth Day 2012!

In honor of Earth Day we thought we would have a little fun. Scan the QR Code above with your Smartphone to view our Earth Day themed mobilized website. Happy Earth Day everyone! Now get out there and help make the world a little cleaner! … [Read more...]

Going Banana’s over QR Codes

Shout out to one of interlinkONE’s customer service reps, Deb Trifone, for this latest QR Code find! While getting ready to have her morning snack, she happen to notice that there was a QR Code sticker right on the banana. The QR Code linked to Del Monte’s Facebook … [Read more...]

Airport Security using QR Codes

Big shout out to Dena Woerner, VP of Grow Socially for this latest QR Code find. She spotted this QR Code poster in the airport security line while traveling earlier this week. The poster has QR Codes to go along with each of the items that are allowed and not allowed on the … [Read more...]

Pantone Spring QR Code Colors

Being a designer it is safe to say that I absolutely love color and as silly as this might sound, I certainly get excited when Pantone comes out with their color collections each season. The QR Codes below are created in Pantone’s Spring Fashion 2012 colors. Interested in how I … [Read more...]

Inspiration: Spring QR Codes

Spring is here and with that said I wanted to get creative with some QR Codes! Follow this step-by-step tutorial below to learn how I created some “Spring Inspired QR Codes”. First off you need to create the QR Code. You can do so easily … [Read more...]