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Cooking with QR Codes

Thanks to MobileMarketer.com for putting together the excellent article. It highlights how Progresso brand has started using QR Codes in their recent marketing campaign in efforts to go mobile. “General Mills’ Progresso brand is taking its first steps into mobile with a QR … [Read more...]

Wendy’s Restaurants using QR Codes

Special thanks go out to Grow Socially’s Kerry Stinson for this latest QR Code find! Kerry noticed that her recent lunch from Wendy’s came with a few QR Codes. One of the QR Codes was on the bag and the other was on the box that her sandwich came in. The QR Code on … [Read more...]

The Do’s and Don’ts of QR Codes

It is safe to say that QR Codes are everywhere these days. But the real question is, are people using QR Codes correctly? To answer that question, additional questions need to be asked. These may include: “Are the QR Codes big enough to be scanned easily and quickly? Do the QR … [Read more...]

Happy Social Media Day!

Happy Social Media Day! We’re thrilled to share that today is Mashable‘s third annual Social Media Day. Since we absolutely love QR Codes and  social media, we thought we would have a little fun creating a “Social Media Day QR Code”. Scan the QR Code below to learn … [Read more...]

QR Code Cow

Mooooo! It’s not everyday that you see a cow walking around with a QR Code spray painted on its side. Thanks to BBC News Leicestershire for putting together this excellent article. A Leicestershire dairy cow with a digital QR Code spray-painted on its side is being used to … [Read more...]

Boston Market using QR Codes this Summer

Boston Market is heating up their summer promotions this summer by including QR Codes on their marketing pieces. A great article from Mobile Commerce Daily explains how the chain restaurant decided to incorporate mobile into its “The Unofficial Sponsor of Summer” … [Read more...]

Catch up with QRreate & Track at MFSA

QReate & Track is very excited to be heading to MFSA this week! If you are going to be attending the show or just want to know what we are up to, scan the QR Code below to get all the details! … [Read more...]

Inspiration: Summer QR Codes

Summer is here and I must say that I am very excited about that! A few months ago we did a post about “Spring Inspired QR Codes” so I thought I would do the same with some Summer ideas. Follow this step-by-step tutorial below to learn how I created some “Summer Inspired QR … [Read more...]

Stock Market QR Code

The USA Today Newspaper last week featured a green QR Code in the Money section that caught my eye, so I thought I would share. The QR Code was next to a small paragraph explaining how you can get the latest business news on your smartphone. When I scanned the QR Code it linked … [Read more...]

Pizza and QR Codes

I wanted to share a QR Code find that I spotted earlier this week on a pizza box. Regina Pizzeria now has QR Codes on their pizza boxes – making their pizza boxes interactive. The QR Code links to their mobile website where you can either order “curbside to go” or sign up for … [Read more...]

Ways to use QR Codes this Graduation Season

Graduation season is here! Congratulations to the Class of 2012! Last week we wrote about Amanda Jonovski and how she displayed a QR Code on top of her graduation cap (top left photo). But I did some research and noticed that QR Codes have been popular during graduation season in … [Read more...]