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NewsFlash DOES NOT Replace QR Codes

Watch the video below to learn about NewsFlash, and see my rant below it. <!– This morning I wake to all these blogs featuring MIT’s new project NewsFlash.  Very cool project, don’t get me wrong, the problem I have is blogs like The Verge headlines … [Read more...]

Jetshop Pop-up Mall

We here at QRlicious have written about many QR code malls, also known as pop up malls, but this one by e-commerce site Jetshop, in Stockholm’s Central Station takes the cake so far in my opinion.  How is this one different?  They have a central pop-up mall location featuring 16 … [Read more...]

Native App V.S. Web App

It seems like everyone wants a mobile app for their business these days, even if they don’t even know what they want the app to do.  The app market has grown so fast, everyone wants to jump on the app wagon, as everyone should, because apps don’t seem to be going anywhere any … [Read more...]