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Track and Change Your Custom QR Codes

Couple things come to mind when your starting a QR code campaign, how can I brand it, see how many scans the QR code gets, and how can I change the link the QR code directs to?  Good news!  Now you are able to add tracking and dynamic capabilities right from the QRlicious order … [Read more...]

Mobile Spreecast Hangout!

We’ve started doing weekly mobile hangouts on Spreecast.com and they have been a blast so far! Last week we talked to Vicki about her new mobile website business and Charlie Hinojosa about a brilliant custom QR code that he helped make out of nothing but Almonds! Today we … [Read more...]

QR Codes Change The Way We Play Cards

Bicycle brand playing cards, has developed a new game style played with ‘Jacked Up’ decks in which some of the cards have QR Codes.  The decks will be available in April for the classic games of Solitaire, War and Hearts.  When you scan the QR codes using the Bicycle QR app, it … [Read more...]

Smartphone Shipments Top PC’s For First Time Ever

In 2011, Smartphone shipments topped PCs for the first time ever, by 73 million units, according to figures published by research firm Canalys on Friday.  If you were questioning the popularity of the smartphone, just thinking it was a niche product, this is a huge wake up call. … [Read more...]

1st QR Code Used in a Super Bowl Ad a Success

If you were watching the Super Bowl Sunday, you witnessed a great game, half time show, and the best commercials companies can buy.  If you were one of the many who sticks around to watch the Super Bowl commercials, you probably witnessed the first Super Bowl commercial in … [Read more...]

Missed QR Code Opportunity

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Turning An Ad Into A Store

Ever since the Tesco QR store in Korean subways, where riders can essentially scan QR codes by pictures of products, purchase from their phone, and have the products delivered to their house later that night, we have seen others pop up here in the US. Over the Holidays, Sears … [Read more...]

QR Codes Adding Value To Print

Most QR codes that are released into the wild are printed by a commercial printer. This  means printers are on the front lines of distributing QR codes in to the wild. The team here at QRlicious have definitely noticed an increase in printers inquiring for more education, and … [Read more...]