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Did Graph Expo Mark the End of QR Codes?

Well, Graph Expo 2012 has come and gone. As one of the biggest print industry events of the year, it certainly has the potential to help shape the future for many service providers throughout the world. Attendees go there to learn about and acquire new technology, both in terms … [Read more...]

QR Codes as a Conversation Starter

We certainly are quite fond of posting pictures of how QR Codes are being used on various printed materials. But when it comes to truly demonstrating how QR Codes can be used in one’s daily activities, video really can tell a tremendous story. The video below highlights how … [Read more...]

Need a Mobile Website for Your QR Code?

There is no doubt that we are big fans of QR Codes here at interlinkONE. We try scanning nearly everyone we see — whether they are on direct mail pieces, at a zoo, on a bathroom door, or even on a billboard. While we love to see companies putting them to use to make their … [Read more...]

Express Uses QR Codes to Increase Customer Loyalty

This blog post starts with a confession. I stole a direct mail piece the other day. As you might expect from some of my previous posts on the blog, the reason for my thievery was simple: It had a QR Code on it! Express, Loyalty, and the Mobile Audience The direct mail piece shown … [Read more...]

Bed Bath & Beyond Uses QR Codes to Sell Gift Cards

When Bed Bath & Beyond sends a direct mail piece to my house, there is instant excitement. My wife loves it becasue there’s typically a very valuable coupon. I love it because they often include QR Codes on their materials! Below is a picture of a mailer that we … [Read more...]

QR Codes in Use at Content Marketing World

Our CEO John Foley, Jr. had the chance to speak at the Content Marketing World conference today in Columbus, Ohio. His topic was certainly a hot one… the title of his presentation was “Mobile and Tablet Content Distribution”. John shared a number of tips, tools, … [Read more...]

interlinkONE and Grow Socially Exhibiting at Labelexpo Americas

The following is a Press Release regarding our show plans for the upcoming Labelexpo Americas conference in Chicago. We hope to see you there! Press Release Contents interlinkONE and Grow Socially have announced that they will be exhibiting at the Labelexpo Americas conference in … [Read more...]

How QR Codes Are Integrated into Findables

When it comes to launching a new product, brands have a fairly great chance of catching my attention if they somehow incorporate QR Codes. If they add a humorous and humanizing video to their promotional efforts, the chances of me becoming an instant fan rise even higher. Thus, … [Read more...]

Domino’s Uses QR Codes to Increase Sales

If I had to guess, I would say that I receive about 2-4 flyers a week in my mailbox from various restaurants and pizza shops. Most of them are immediately transferred into a drawer reserved for “take out menus and coupons”. Others make their way into the recycle bin if they fail … [Read more...]

QR Codes at the Bronx Zoo

I must send a big note of thanks to Grow Socially’s Director of Association Marketing Sam Lake for catching this QR Code in the wild! While on a recent trip to the Bronx Zoo, Sam spotted QR Codes that were placed on signs outside of various exhibits. The picture of the sign is … [Read more...]

QR Code Reporting: Track the Locations of Scans

Our team is quite excited to announce the release of some major new enhancements to the QReate & Track application. One feature that many customers have been looking forward to for a long time has been included in this release. Yes, QR Code location-tracking and reporting is … [Read more...]