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Using QR Codes to Track Employee Time – Extended Edition!

We recently posted an article on our parent site, Visioniz, that briefly explained how we use Formstack and QR codes to create a quick and easy to use punch clock system for our team. Through the power of the internet and social collaboration, Formstack’s team saw our post and … [Read more...]

Why We Don’t Offer QR Code Analytics

  Something I hear quite often from our feedback forms is that our clients wish we offered an analytics package of some sort with our services. QR code analytics is something we experimented with in the past but ultimately decided was not for us. It wasn’t an easy … [Read more...]

6 Pillars of a Killer QR Code Campaign: Part 4 of 5

We know for a fact that QR codes are rising in popularity across the globe. QR code generators are seeing massive amounts of traffic and are dealing with more questions from new users than ever before. It’s a great sign for the industry but an ominous one for the businesses … [Read more...]

QR Codes and Viruses – Setting the Record Straight

There has been a lot of humbug about QR codes that send a user to a website that prompts the user to download a virus. This is not the QR code’s fault! We need to be practicing safe browsing no matter what device or browser we are using. Here is a great article with an indepth … [Read more...]

The 6 Worst QR Code Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Over the past couple of months we’ve had the privilege of watching and helping people create marvelous and intriguing QR code campaigns for everything from donation drives to enhanced product labels. Unfortunately, during this same time span we’ve also been victims and witnesses … [Read more...]

QR Codes and Music – A Match Made in Heaven

As QR codes flood into mainstream marketing campaigns we are going to see one industry in particular gravitate towards QR codes as a way to one up their competition – The music industry. While QR code use and adoption is still in a relatively infantile stage, there are a few … [Read more...]