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Design QR Code for Hennessy

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Kaywa Ticket at the 2nd Android Community Event at Google Zurich

Yesterday 150 people got an email with a link to a Kaywa Ticket for the 2nd Android Community Event in Zurich. Today all 150... … [Read more...]


This is just an early teaser for our brand new Scanvenger Game. If you are interested to set up a Scanvenger hunt or to play... … [Read more...]

Kaywa Ticket and the Ticket Scanner App at Electronic Beats in Cologne

Electronic Beats Festival at E-Werk in Cologne (photo, photo) is over and our first mobile ticketing showcase was going... … [Read more...]

QR Code Ticketing and Ticket Scanning App for Electronic Beats Festival in Cologne, May 19th 2011

NEW: Buy your ticket via mobile phone! Send EB2011 to 43210 (EUR 17,00 per order plus Telekom TPL & SMS/WAP/GPRS charges).... … [Read more...]


@Johnny_Strategy @ia In general, Red Cross is usually the best option. Give $10 to help. Text REDCROSS to 90999, or go to... … [Read more...]

James Bond in EQUALS

Scan and watch James Bond in a very new role. … [Read more...]

Kompan QR Code

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The Non-Commercial QR Code Generator made more than 1 Mio Page Impressions this November!

The non-commercial QR Code Generator made over 1 Mio Page Impressions in November, - 1'086'808 Page Impressions to be... … [Read more...]

Fundraising with QR Codes: WWF Save the Tiger Campain

For the WWF Germany Tiger Campaign, WWF used QR Codes next to SMS. Heldisch has made the campaign and used Kaywa's QR Code... … [Read more...]