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QR Code x Action ÷ Context = Mobile Engagement

Nobody disputes the fact that Mobile Engagement is of increasing importance in the marketing mix. But we have to ask ourselves: why the fuss about Mobile Engagement at all? Isn’t Mobile Engagement the same as Digital Marketing, but on a smaller screen? Not exactly. It’s all about … [Read more...]

QR Code Adoption: 2013 Trends & Statistics

QR Code trends continue to gain momentum as smartphone owners grow across the globe, and smart marketers turn to engage marketing to reach mobile consumers.  Released last month, eMarketer’s latest statistics  showcase that on average, 19% of US respondents (1 in 5) have scanned … [Read more...]

Lessons from 2012 QR Code Campaigns

So you’ve secured your marketing budget for 2013 and now want to connect with your customers via mobile. Since all research indicates that the majority of them have a smartphone, you know it’s the right move. Now “all” you need are original ideas. Fear not my friend, as you’ve … [Read more...]

Why A Mobile Optimized Presence Is Not An Option

Does your CMO or CEO still hesitate to make investments in a mobile-optimized presence? You’re not the only one, as plenty of brands continue to resist it. To help make this decision easier for you, Google shared the results of 1,088 U.S. adult smartphone users surveyed in July … [Read more...]

New App, New Insights! What YOU Like.

ast week, we launched the all new ScanLife app, which allows our users to decide which QR & barcode scans they like they best. The tally of likes is visible to anyone at the top of the page after you scan a code. So after 7 days, what do people like most? Without … [Read more...]

Estimating your Mobile Marketing Budget: A Useful Framework

Marketers have been slow to adjust and re-balance their media mix to reflect the increasingly mobile-centric world. In the next three years, investment in Mobile Advertisement will increase by 3.4% in Europe and 11.5% in North America year-on-year, barely enough to keep up with … [Read more...]

Key Upcoming Events for ScanLife

As a leader in mobile engagement, we’ll be participating in a couple of events in the next few weeks. If you’re in the neighborhood, why not drop us a visit? We’d love to talk. Mobile Marketing Live Why: The future of marketing is mobile and things are moving fast, very fast. … [Read more...]

QR Code Usage Among European Smartphone Owners Doubles Over Past Year

ComScore, a leading digital business analytics company recently released an overview of mobile commerce and QR code usage across the five largest European markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom) following the release of a similar study in the US three … [Read more...]

Shopping at the Olympics: QR Codes Bring the Store to You

When walking around London, it is clear that the mobile channel is one important way the Olympic Games organisers hope to achieve that goal and ScanLife QR Codes are helping any way they can. Codes are placed at the events, and around the entire city, to connect visitors to a … [Read more...]

Travels to the Olympics: QR Codes to the Rescue

To keep you covered on all things mobile and QR Code related, we have our dashing British correspondent blogging right from the epicenter of the Olympic Games. In our latest Olympic blog post we shared some of the QR codes we saw in print advertisements. Now that the Olympics … [Read more...]

Olympic Spirit Rises with More QR Codes

T-Minus 1 Day until the start of the Olympic Mobile Games… To keep you covered on all things mobile and QR Code related, we’ll have our dashing British correspondent blogging right from the epicenter of the Olympic Games. In anticipation for the games, the streets of … [Read more...]