Alice Cooper: Snakes, Skulls, QR Codes and Amazon


QR Code used to promote Alice Cooper's latest CD“No More Mr Nice Guy” Tries a QR Code

QR Codes are on just about everything these days. Concert promotion is a great place for QR Codes to share the message, music and videos. Alice Cooper is touring now and you might find this image in an email soon as Alice Cooper tours the country. Right there on the bottom left side of the “No More Mr Nice Guy” poster is a QR Code!

Hoping for a glimpse of an Alice Cooper video or snippet of music from the new CD, I set out to scan the poster’s QR Code with great anticipation. First the QR Code was difficult to scan, it took 3 different QR Code scanners to get the code to scan.

The QR Code appears to be no larger than 1/2″ with barely any “quiet” space surrounding it. I tried 7 different scanners and found that 3 of the 7 were able to scan the code, but none of those scanned it immediately as they normally would have, had the code been even slightly larger!

ALice Cooper's Amazon Landing pageThe QR Code scanners that were tested:

  • i-nigma   No
  • QRafter   Yes
  • QR Scanner   No
  • Semacode   No
  • Optiscan  Yes
  • QuickMark   Yes
  • 2DCodeMe   No

Perhaps the poster was designed to be larger, and the QR Code was tested at that size, perhaps not!


The QR Code could have been larger without changing the integrity of the design. If the QR Code was added after the design was completed, it should be have been made larger . More “quiet” or white space surrounding it would have made it more scannable with a wider variety of scanners. So much goes in to the QR Code campaign, that to blow it
when the QR Code isn’t executed correctly is unnecessary and potentially very costly.

Just a little communication stating the planned usage of the poster might have made the difference. If the poster is very large, the QR Code probably works well at it’s intended size. Why not create a different QR Code resolving to the same landing page for the email version? This would give the opportunity to make it larger and give the opportunity to test which medium – the poster or the email – receives the most scans.

QR Code Resolves

Did I mention that the QR Code resolves to an landing page to order  Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare?


Poster is same size as it appeared in email.


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