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Stephanie True Moss

Stephanie True Moss is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of True Moss Communications, Inc., QRmedia.us (a QR Code information and education website), and QRmediaGuide.com, (a searchable QR Code services directory). With media experience in television, newspaper, magazines, and web publishing, she focuses on developing creative solutions for marketing campaigns. She helps clients understand and utilize mobile, social media and QR codes to engage their customers with an “aha moment” and call to action.

True Moss writes about QR codes for QRmedia.us, magazines and several social media and PR-related blogs, including  SpinSucks.com and Ragan.com. She is an in-demand speaker and has spoken at conferences and workshops such as Ragan Communication’s The Mobile Revolution Conference, Digital Atlanta, WordCamp Atlanta, WordCamp Birmingham, ProductCamp Atlanta, Business Bootcamp for Wonder Women, corporate conferences and more.

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