A new twist on QR Code Apps: QR Pal

QR Pal - QR Code ScannerAnother day, another new FREE QR Code app, or is it?

QR Pal is not your run of the mill QR Code scanner application. It goes much further than just scanning a QR Code and resolving to the intended mobile website, video or coupon.


With QR Pal:

  • you can share your scans with friends through MMS, email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!
  • organize scanned QR Code information such as links, maps, links, apps, vcards and social into folders to retrieve later. Think of the possibilities!
  • pay or receive payment and store the history of those payments
  • be warned if urls are potentially unsafe.
  • and receive the latest QR Code news right from the app.
At this time QR Pal is only available for Android users, but other platforms are due to be released in the near future.



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