2D Barcode Certification Program Guarantees Printers’ Success

Beginning in March, Print Services providers will be able to complete the 2D Certified Program from Mobile technology pioneer Print2D (www.print2d.com).

The certification program will offer much-needed training for printers using QR Codes and other 2D barcode formats in their customers’ printed collateral, signage, apparel, and advertising and point-of-sale materials.

2DCertified printers will also receive an added bonus: insurance coverage. By following a concise checklist of production requirements, printers qualify for insurance if the job has to be re-run because the QR Code could not be scanned.

Those who follow the procedures and guidelines as stipulated in the program, gain peace-of-mind, knowing that all hard costs associated with any print run using 2D barcodes is covered up to $7,500 per occurrence should the code not scan as a result of the printing process. Certification is good for 3 years. As advancements in this technology arise, printers already in the program will be trained in those new developments at no additional expense.

Printers are being pressured to use QR every day. However, many are doing so almost blind – with no idea of the factors that go into printing these codes successfully. 2DCertified takes the mystery out of the process, and gives printers a great foundation for adding value to their print services.   — PHILIP WARBASSE, CEO – PRINT2D

Read more about 2D Barcode Certification at PRINT2D.