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Kate Upton, Gillette and QR Codes

In today's New York Times, Gillette launched a full-page advertisement, which prominently features a QR Code, as well as super model Kate Upton. Sure the ad will garner attention and generate buzz thanks to the image of Ms. Upton, but what of the QR Code?The company's … [Read more...]

Mobile Insider Summit: Putting Customers First with QR Codes

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the “Mobile Insider Summit”, a Scanbuy-sponsored event hosted by MediaPost. Having attended at least three or four times previously, I was prepared for a few quality days of discussing the many virtues of the mobile ecosystem.  As … [Read more...]

QR Codes Need to Benefit the Advertiser Too

After reading, scanning and interacting with this QR Code-based print ad from Michael Aram, it dawned on me, this ad benefits neither the consumer nor the advertiser. So, the question could then be asked, why produce and launch the ad in the first place?The ConsumerWhen the … [Read more...]

Integrated Marketing and Repurposed Content

This afternoon, I went to JPMorgan's main corporate website to research something, and I noticed a top-line navigation tab that I have yet to see on other websites. Tucked in among the navigation tabs for Home, About Us, Investor Relations, Contact Us and Careers, there is a tab … [Read more...]

San Diego Health Club Goes Mobile

Do you use your smartphone at the gym? Angry Birds while you pump iron? Dialing up Uber black cars on the treadmill? Instagramming your swell? One San Diego fitness club has seen this trend, and is intending to capitalize. “The Sporting Club,” according to … [Read more...]

Mobile World Congress 2013 and what it means for Mobile Marketing

This year at Mobile World Congress, there was a sense that a new chapter was turned: smartphones penetration had shot past the 50% threshold and tablet penetration has reached 1 in 4 adults in the US. Android and iOS updates, which determine much of nowadays’ user experiences, … [Read more...]

Looking For A Speaker On Mobile Marketing?

John Foley is an accomplished speaker who has been requested all over the world to educate listeners on mobile marketing, social media, business transformation, inbound marketing, and more. Some more of John’s expertise includes: Transforming Your Business Creating A … [Read more...]

QR Codes and Social Sharing

This morning, I read an article on Mobile Marketing by Dale Remie, founder/CEO of Grapevine QR, titled "The Missing Link in QR Code and Facebook Marketing."If I read Dale's article correctly, he is basically saying that, when a company uses a QR Code for promotion or advertising … [Read more...]