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QR Codes Across The Globe

QR Codes have been doing a bit of globetrotting lately. The Codes have been spotted in Rio de Janeiro and China, reaching audiences in an entirely new way. First, let’s stop in Brazil. An article in the Telegraph covered the appearance of rocky codes on sandy beaches. The … [Read more...]

Should Luxury Marketers Use QR Codes?

Articles written about QR Codes often help to raise awareness about the technology and its usefulness for marketing and advertising purposes but, after reading a recently published article on Luxury Daily titled, "Should luxury marketers move on from QR Codes?", I'm not so sure … [Read more...]

Mobile Engagement & QR Codes Insights 2.0

QR Codes are no longer news. But linking a physical item to digital content, such as a video or social media link, with a QR Code is only half the story. To maximize ROI of a mobile marketing campaign, businesses need to understand the whole customer journey from start to finish: … [Read more...]

Helping Marketers Deliver Mobile Engagement with QR Codes on Steroids

At Scanbuy, we like to push boundaries, break moulds, go the extra mile… you get the gist. True to our philosophy, we are all about innovating how marketers and brands execute mobile campaigns and consumer engagement. ScanLife QR Codes are capable of an ever widening range of … [Read more...]

Lessons from 2012 QR Code Campaigns

So you’ve secured your marketing budget for 2013 and now want to connect with your customers via mobile. Since all research indicates that the majority of them have a smartphone, you know it’s the right move. Now “all” you need are original ideas. Fear not my friend, as you’ve … [Read more...]

How To Teach Your Audience About QR Codes

When you are in the thick of all things marketing, staying on top of the latest in mobile marketing and how to interconnect your print and online media, it’s easy to forget that your average consumer does not stay on top of such things. Here are some tips on how to teach your … [Read more...]

QR Code Quilts

Sewing… either you can do it or not. I can sew a straight line, and that’s where my sewing skills end. Yet some people are so creative and also extremely talented when it comes to sewing. I did some research just for fun and found a ton of QR Code quilts. People are … [Read more...]

Forbes Article on Rogue QR Codes

On, there's an article titled "When QR Codes Go Rogue," which talks about how a QR Code can be hacked and, if scanned, it can lead a person to a malicious website or wreak havoc with the workings of a person's mobile phone. While this topic has been talked about … [Read more...]

Why A Mobile Optimized Presence Is Not An Option

Does your CMO or CEO still hesitate to make investments in a mobile-optimized presence? You’re not the only one, as plenty of brands continue to resist it. To help make this decision easier for you, Google shared the results of 1,088 U.S. adult smartphone users surveyed in July … [Read more...]

And The Winner Is…

After reviewing dozens of advertising and promotion campaigns, it gives me great pleasure to announce that the winner of the 3rd Annual Best Mobile Bar Code Campaign Award is Scandinavian Airlines. Congratulations! The grand prize of $250,000 and a Tiffany-made silver loving cup … [Read more...]

Do QR Codes Make Shopping Easier?

Some people absolutely dread shopping. The whole process from trying to find your size, to trying it on, to waiting in long check out lines. But what if you could do half of your shopping right from your smartphone? That’s right just scan a QR Code, try it on and then just … [Read more...]