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Travels to the Olympics: QR Codes to the Rescue

To keep you covered on all things mobile and QR Code related, we have our dashing British correspondent blogging right from the epicenter of the Olympic Games. In our latest Olympic blog post we shared some of the QR codes we saw in print advertisements. Now that the Olympics … [Read more...]

Let the QRgames Begin!

ScanLife is getting into the Olympic spirit with “QRgames” – launching today.  Since QR Codes are being used around London for this global event, we wanted to celebrate by rewarding you for answering some Olympic trivia. Here’s how it works: Follow us @ScanLife on Twitter … [Read more...]

3:50 Minutes Too Long

Here's a quiz. What type of scan resolve content is associated with the QR Code found in the print advertisement shown below?A) Home page of corporate website.B) Product page on corporate website.C) Video clip.D) Mobile-optimized landing page, which supports the QR Code's … [Read more...]

Update: Tickera – QR Code Event Ticketing Startup

Tickera is a new WordPress based event ticketing system that features QR Codes, works with PayPal or 2Checkout payment systems. You can easily sell tickets for your event on your website. Tickets with the individualized QR Code are delivered via email. At the event, rather … [Read more...]

Olympic Spirit Rises with More QR Codes

T-Minus 1 Day until the start of the Olympic Mobile Games… To keep you covered on all things mobile and QR Code related, we’ll have our dashing British correspondent blogging right from the epicenter of the Olympic Games. In anticipation for the games, the streets of … [Read more...]

QR Codes and a Location-Based Print Advertisement

I was quite happy to stumble upon this recent marketing effort that incorporated QR Codes. One coffee shop in Israel has placed a QR Code into the print advertisements that they run. Upon scanning the QR Code, people are directed to a mobile website that enables them to quickly … [Read more...]

Studies Show the Perfect Storm

Four separate reports have been published in the past few months that together paint a picture of how everything QR Code is now growing on the same pace. Below are some of the highlights that show how both Smartphone users and marketers are bringing it all together. … [Read more...]

Less Than Stellar Use of a QR Code

Automatic Data Processing (ADP) has launched a new print advertisement which features a QR Code.If the purpose of this campaign, which I believe it is, is to generate sales leads for the business, how does ADP plan to do this via the QR Code? Or, the question could be asked, what … [Read more...]

DHL’s QR Code Fails to Deliver

DHL may be expert at delivering packages around the globe, but the company is anything but that when it comes to delivering a meaningful and worthwhile QR Code (brand and service) experience. Let's take a closer look.DHL ran this print advertisement in the recent issue of … [Read more...]

Take a Bite out of Taco Bell’s Latest QR Code Campaign

After great success with their Doritos Los Tacos and MTV VMA campaigns, Taco Bell has continued its tradition of innovative QR Code implementation with the launch of their new Cantina Bell Menu. The quick serve giant has deployed ScanLife powered QR Codes as part of a print … [Read more...]

Wendy’s Restaurants using QR Codes

Special thanks go out to Grow Socially’s Kerry Stinson for this latest QR Code find! Kerry noticed that her recent lunch from Wendy’s came with a few QR Codes. One of the QR Codes was on the bag and the other was on the box that her sandwich came in. The QR Code on … [Read more...]