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Happy Social Media Day!

Happy Social Media Day! We’re thrilled to share that today is Mashable‘s third annual Social Media Day. Since we absolutely love QR Codes and  social media, we thought we would have a little fun creating a “Social Media Day QR Code”. Scan the QR Code below to learn … [Read more...]

QR Code Cow

Mooooo! It’s not everyday that you see a cow walking around with a QR Code spray painted on its side. Thanks to BBC News Leicestershire for putting together this excellent article. A Leicestershire dairy cow with a digital QR Code spray-painted on its side is being used to … [Read more...]

John Foley, Jr. To Speak At Content Marketing World

On September 6th at 10:30 am, interlinkONE CEO John Foley, Jr. will be speaking at Content Marketing World in Columbus, OH. His presentation is entitled, “Mobile and Tablet Content Distribution.” “I am absolutely thrilled for the opportunity to participate in … [Read more...]

Pinning for Pinterest Sake

As I was researching mobile marketing conferences and events on the web this afternoon, I came across this one titled "Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit," which is scheduled to be held in Boston later this year.While the conference's speaker list and agenda seem solid, I have … [Read more...]

Boston Market using QR Codes this Summer

Boston Market is heating up their summer promotions this summer by including QR Codes on their marketing pieces. A great article from Mobile Commerce Daily explains how the chain restaurant decided to incorporate mobile into its “The Unofficial Sponsor of Summer” … [Read more...]

Netbiscuits Helps Publishers with 2D Bar Codes

Netbiscuits, a leading cloud platform for the development and delivery of next generation web apps across all mobile and connected devices, is currently offering (recommending) a value-added solution to publishers, which will 1) help publishers increase the number of and revenue … [Read more...]

Catch up with QRreate & Track at MFSA

QReate & Track is very excited to be heading to MFSA this week! If you are going to be attending the show or just want to know what we are up to, scan the QR Code below to get all the details! … [Read more...]

Create your own QRcard with ScanLife 4.2

We’re thrilled about the release of our new ScanLife 4.2 app for iPhone, which helps you connect with others in a whole new way. What’s New? With ScanLife 4.2, you now have the ability to create your personal contact code, or as we like to call it – … [Read more...]

Inspiration: Summer QR Codes

Summer is here and I must say that I am very excited about that! A few months ago we did a post about “Spring Inspired QR Codes” so I thought I would do the same with some Summer ideas. Follow this step-by-step tutorial below to learn how I created some “Summer Inspired QR … [Read more...]

Yamaha uses QR Code the Right Way

Yamaha Motors is currently running a print campaign to promote its V Star line of motorcycles, and featured in the advertisement is a QR Code. When the code is scanned, the reader of the advertisement is linked to a mobile website, and a very good one at that, which not only … [Read more...]

Stock Market QR Code

The USA Today Newspaper last week featured a green QR Code in the Money section that caught my eye, so I thought I would share. The QR Code was next to a small paragraph explaining how you can get the latest business news on your smartphone. When I scanned the QR Code it linked … [Read more...]