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Toys R Us using QR Codes to Increase Summer Sales

School is almost out and the kids will be bored before you know it!… Time to purchase some new summer beach toys, maybe a new swing set? Whatever it maybe, it sure would be nice to get a chance to view what the toys do before purchasing it. Toys R Us stores continue to … [Read more...]

QR Codes and the 2012 USPS Mobile Barcode Promotion

The USPS is rolling out a Mobile Barcode Promotion to encourage companies to include QR Codes on their direct mail pieces over the summer of 2012. As fans of QR Codes, we are certainly excited about this! And we’d love to help you take advantage of their offer. However, the … [Read more...]

Using QR Codes to Learn More About Wine

Judging by the promotional text on their website, the folks behind Club W certainly strive to be viewed as different than typical wine clubs. As someone that is very unfamiliar with choosing a good wine, and that is uncomfortable being stuck in the wine aisle at my local liquor … [Read more...]

RT @LinkedInExpert: Need a list of existing #Tweetchats like #LinkedIn…

RT @LinkedInExpert: Need a list of existing #Tweetchats like #LinkedInChat? Here you go: // #QRchat … [Read more...]

Charles Schwab uses QR Code

Recently, Charles Schwab launched a print campaign which promotes the fact that nearly half of the company's clients have come through referrals. The company ties the advertisement's theme with the QR Code featured in the ad, by providing access to over 500 client reviews when … [Read more...]

How the Ritz-Carlton is Using QR Codes

The folks at have a great story on how Ritz-Carlton is using QR Codes inside of its new mobile App. If you have a moment, please read their full review of the App’s capabilities here. My favorite part of the article discussed how they are placing QR … [Read more...]

Skin Your Phone with a QR Code

The folks at Android Shields have launched a new product that allows you to easily add a QR Code to your phone. They produce skins that allow companies to add their branding to a phone. Along with being able to include their logo in the branding, customers can also include a QR … [Read more...]

Amanda Jonovski and the QR Code Graduation Cap

If I knew about QR Codes when I graduated, I really hope that I would have thought of this idea. But alas, all credit must go to Amanda Jonovski. During her recent graduation ceremony from Notre Dame, Amanda wore a graduation cap that included a QR Code on the top. Yep, that’s … [Read more...]

Are you ready to wear a QR Code?

I must send a very special shout-out to a fellow interlinkONE employee, Nicole Patanian, for spotting this QR Code article. It highlights 9 ways that people can incorporate QR Codes into their outfits. Read the full article here >> QR Code Clothing Ideas in Action Of … [Read more...]

Promoting the Metro Mobile App with QR Codes

There is a great picture making its way around the internet the past few days. It’s related to how the Metro Newspaper is using QR Code to promote its mobile App. Please take a moment to view more pictures from this great promotion on the Rethink … [Read more...]

Window Signs with QR Codes

I just wanted to take a quick moment to highlight the video below. It comes from the great folks at Mojave Copy and Printing. Full disclosure: they one of our favorite customers! The video below demonstrates one of the services that they can provide to your business — … [Read more...]