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QR Codes Change The Way We Play Cards

Bicycle brand playing cards, has developed a new game style played with ‘Jacked Up’ decks in which some of the cards have QR Codes.  The decks will be available in April for the classic games of Solitaire, War and Hearts.  When you scan the QR codes using the Bicycle QR app, it … [Read more...]

QR Code Bling!

My newest QR Code Bling is an iPod nano TikTok watch that I won at Training 2012 Expo by scanning a QR Code! The guys from were showing the power of using QR Codes at trade shows for engaging with attendees. From the size of the crowds they drew, I would say that they … [Read more...]

Using QR Codes to Track Employee Time – Extended Edition!

We recently posted an article on our parent site, Visioniz, that briefly explained how we use Formstack and QR codes to create a quick and easy to use punch clock system for our team. Through the power of the internet and social collaboration, Formstack’s team saw our post and … [Read more...]

QR Codes: the New Passwords!

Recently Google tested QR Codes as a secure way to login to your GMail and other Google accounts. Public computers may not be the best place to type in your usernames and passwords. There may be several reasons to be concerned. That same process is now available for WordPress … [Read more...]

Top QR Code Lists

Looking to make a QR Code for Free or to create a QR Code with a logo in it? Perhaps you need a QR Code management system to track QR Code scans and more. Check these lists for the QR Code services that meet your needs. Best QR Code Generators List The Best list of QR Code … [Read more...]

QR Code SCANVenger Hunt Kicks Off in Dayton, Ohio

The QR Code fun is starting! If you are in Dayton, Ohio this weekend, get your QR Code scanners ready. You might be interested in taking part in the latest SCANVenger Hunt or just following along and see how to use QR Codes in fun new ways and how QR Codes can help increase … [Read more...]

Smartphone Shipments Top PC’s For First Time Ever

In 2011, Smartphone shipments topped PCs for the first time ever, by 73 million units, according to figures published by research firm Canalys on Friday.  If you were questioning the popularity of the smartphone, just thinking it was a niche product, this is a huge wake up call. … [Read more...]

Why We Don’t Offer QR Code Analytics

  Something I hear quite often from our feedback forms is that our clients wish we offered an analytics package of some sort with our services. QR code analytics is something we experimented with in the past but ultimately decided was not for us. It wasn’t an easy … [Read more...]

1st QR Code Used in a Super Bowl Ad a Success

If you were watching the Super Bowl Sunday, you witnessed a great game, half time show, and the best commercials companies can buy.  If you were one of the many who sticks around to watch the Super Bowl commercials, you probably witnessed the first Super Bowl commercial in … [Read more...]

Our Top Mobile Barcode Campaigns of 2011

In 2011 we saw some pretty amazing campaigns. If you’re searching for inspiration, look no further. Here’s our top 10: Taco Bell and MTV teamed up to help promote this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. QR Codes were placed on all of Taco Bell’s “Big Box Remixed” packages … [Read more...]

WordCamp Atlanta – Scan It! QR Codes & WordPress #WCATL

WordCamp, QR Codes & WordPress WordCamp Atlanta is upon us and there are over 45 sessions and workshops scheduled. It should be a great WordPress experience. This WordCamp will be different. All #WCATL name tags have a dynamic QR Code  on them. This QR Code will have … [Read more...]