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Working out with QR Codes

Big shout-out to one of our developers/engineers at interlinkONE for sharing the latest QR Code find. Ed Cianci shared this QR Code with us after his wife noticed it on her water bottle at the gym. The QR Code on the water bottle links to the ever-so-famous Planet Fitness video: … [Read more...]

Make a Scan for Your Super Bowl Team

Be a fan, and scan for your team to win the Big Game! … [Read more...]

When Good Marketing Fails

Last week, I wrote an article about how Flatiron Wine and Spirits, a new retail store in New York City, is using a QR Code on their store's front window to initiate business and foster relationships with consumers, even before the store officially opens. Although I don't know the … [Read more...]

U.S. Marketers Embrace QR Codes

Two weeks ago, we released the results from a study that illustrate a high awareness and adoption of 2D barcodes among U.S. marketers. The survey gave us some tremendous insight into what marketers want out of 2D barcodes. Conducted through uSamp’s SurveyBuilder, the sample … [Read more...]

Having lunch with some QR Codes

Big shout out to interlinkONE’s VP of Sales, Karen Dewolfe for spotting these QR Codes at a lunch meeting Tuesday afternoon! The QR Code links to their mobile website where you can make reservations, get directions and also view the menu. … [Read more...]

Mobile Barcode Certification Program

Last week, Print2D, the Santa Monica-based mobile technology firm, announced its 2DCertified program for print service providers. As stated in the company's press release, "The certification program will offer much-needed training for printers using QR Codes and other 2D … [Read more...]

AFC Champions – New England Patriots QR Code

The interlinkONE office is full of die-hard sports fans. Throughout the NFL Playoffs, the employees have worn their favorite New England Patriots gear to cheer on the team! And as you might expect, there were a lot of smiles in our office on Monday morning after the New England … [Read more...]

The Value of Mobile Barcode First Impressions

The other day, in a local supermarket, I noticed cases of Budweiser and Bud Light beer that were all decked out for Super Bowl XLVI, as well as for consumer interaction with 2D barcodes featured on the packaging. What struck me the most while looking at these cases of beer was … [Read more...]

QR Codes & WordPress Plugins #WPyall

QR Code Presentation* from WordCamp Birmingham by Stephanie True Moss.  Scan it! Incorporating QR Codes into WordPress Move over social media, making room for QR Codes in your WordPress site enables quick scanning of key topics and features.  It can be as easy as a vCard, a … [Read more...]

Big Truck, Big QR Code

I must send a thank you to @mattpooch for taking a picture of the QR Code below and sending it to me via Twitter. As you can see, the QR Code is huge! And, the “Scan Me” directions are even bigger. Of course, after seeing where it’s placed — on a massive … [Read more...]

Missed QR Code Opportunity

[Read more...]