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Ayari Thai Cuisine designed by Paperlinks

 Ayara Thai Cuisine designed by Paperlinks, an elephant drawing adds a dash of Asia to this LA restaurant's QR code. … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Tribute QR Code designed by QRlicious

Memorial Day tribute is among the many QR Codes designed by     … [Read more...]

QRchat Talk about QR Codes

Scan this QR Code for the QR Code Twitter Chat which takes place Sunday evenings at 8:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM CT. Join the chat by introducing yourself and including the #QRchat hashtag in your tweets! Open to anyone to discuss QR Codes, QR Code campaigns, NFC, Microsoft Tags or all … [Read more...]

Corkbin designed by Paperlinks

Corkbin Wine app QR Code designed by  Paperlinks that co-ordinates with and features, its logo. … [Read more...]

QR codes versus NFC

For a quite obscured reason to me and perhaps because of some bad QR code experiences, many love to see NFC as the killer of QR code, if not its evolved successor. The fact that Google stopped its support for QR codes in Places and announcements made on Google wallet may have … [Read more...]

NFC to Eclipse QR Codes – A Reply

Last week, an article was published on MediaPost Publications by Mark Walsh titled, "NFC To Eclipse QR Codes." In the article, Mr. Walsh repeatedly cites a recent Yankee Group study, which makes the case for NFC and how the technology "will eventually trump QR Codes in terms of … [Read more...]

A Costly QR Code Experience

As a lover of rare and old books, I always enjoy reading through Bauman Rare Book's advertisement found on the back of the Book Review Section of Sunday's New York Times. This week's advertisement featured a QR Code which, when scanned, linked to the company's 36-page digital … [Read more...]

QR test

[qr_code id=3139] … [Read more...]

This Year’s Best Mobile Barcode Campaign

With just a few more weeks left before year end, it's still not too late to submit what you believe is the best mobile barcode campaign for the year. Currently, there are only a handful of campaigns in the running for Best Mobile Barcode Campaign 2011, so whether it's a campaign … [Read more...]

QR Code for Kids

In this month's issue of National Geographic Kids, the publisher uses a QR Code to enhance, and bring to life, one of the magazine's feature stories. What I like about this "campaign" is that the publisher has provided children and adults with five simple, yet detailed, steps on … [Read more...]