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Scan a QR Code to Help this Holiday Season

Scan the Code to Help us Give to City Harvest Note on how this code works: The code above uses ScanLife “Smartcode” technology which uses real time data to dynamically update the content you see.  In this case, our system calculates the number of Total Scans on this … [Read more...]

BP uses AR via QR

Recently, British Petroleum (BP) launched this two-page print advertisement to promote its support of the  U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams in next year's Olympics, and featured in the ad is a QR Code. There are several things in this advertisement worth discussing, so … [Read more...]

Another Ho-Hum B2B Campaign

Taleo, the on-demand talent management solutions company, recently launched a print advertising campaign using a QR Code. Seems like the company knows a thing or two about talent management, but less so when it comes to 2D barcodes, mobile and marketing in general.When the QR … [Read more...]

Welcome to the World of Open QR Codes

This week, Microsoft Tag made their decision to enter the world of open standards - almost 3 years after their product was launched. We applaud this decision, and only wish they saw the light sooner. In that time, consumers and publishers have been unnecessarily confused by a … [Read more...]

Holiday QR Codes

More people are using QR Codes and now they are using QR Codes in their holiday greetings. They are fun and add another dimension to the greetings of the season. Link to pictures, videos, send your own recorded greetings and so much more. Create your own QR Code to deliver the … [Read more...]

Design QR Code for Hennessy

[Read more...]

QR Codes On Campus – A Reply

Last month, Archrival, the youth marketing agency, published the results of a survey they recently conducted titled "QR Codes On Campus." In essence, the agency showed a QR Code to about 500 students on 24 college campuses across the country, and then asked questions like: Can … [Read more...]

Who’s Behind This QR Code

Last week, I ordered some items from When I received the package, there was an insert from Rosetta Stone, the foreign language company, or at least that's who I thought the insert was from at first. Upon closer inspection, the insert was co-branded with Barnes & … [Read more...]

Design Your Own Scanner Contest

We want YOU to design the next custom Scanner Theme and be seen by millions of ScanLife users around the globe. … [Read more...]

What Value is Delivered via Social Badges

Look at most any brand or product advertisement today and chances are you'll see badges for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, foursquare, LinkedIn, etc. displayed somewhere in the advertisement.When those badges are linked to or clicked on by a consumer, what value or benefit … [Read more...]

Cyberweek Means Big Numbers for Barcode Scanning

Black Friday to Christmas is always the busiest time for retailers, and it is for us also! Now that the dust has settled (a bit) from the opening party (AKA Black Friday, and now "Cyberweek"), we wanted to share some interesting stats. … [Read more...]