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My Favorite QR Codes from 2011

I think it is safe to say that 2011 was the year of QR Codes! Everywhere you look these days you see QR Codes whether they are on packaging, clothing, posters, etc. Now that we are at the end of 2011 and ready to ring in 2012 we wanted to recap on the Top 10 QR Codes/QR Code … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays and Thank You

To the loyal readers of the blog, as well as first-timers, thank you for your support and interest in my work throughout the past year. It is my sincerest hope that my writings about 2D barcodes, and strategic marketing in general, have been of use and value in your day-to-day … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Get More Scans on your QR Codes

Did you think that QR Codes were everywhere in 2011? If so, you should expect to see more of the same in 2012. Sure, there are absolutely going to be other mobile technologies (such as NFC, perhaps) that will push their way a bit further into the mainstream. But with QR Codes, … [Read more...]

A Thank You Message from the Boss

I hope that you had a nice, long weekend. The interlinkONE crew is back to work today! 2011 has been quite an exciting and busy year for me. As I use this week to reflect back a bit, I wanted to say “Thank You” to everyone that contributed to the successes and … [Read more...]

Are virtual shops becoming the norm?

It all started in Seoul, South Korea, in July 2011. Tesco (branded Home Plus in South Korea) sought a way to increase its market share without increasing the number of stores. This led to the idea of virtual stores. Products images were displayed in a subway station in Seoul, … [Read more...]

Season’s Greetings

Valued customers and friends like you are the foundation of our success. We extend our best wishes for a Happy Holiday season and a healthy New Year. From all of us at interlinkONE (Scan the QR Code below with your smartphone for a special holiday treat!) … [Read more...]

Where’s the Mobile Site?

As I have written in the past, sometimes I like to share a story, idea, thought, opinion, etc. that is not 2D barcode related, but strategic marketing and/or general business related. Here's another such story."360i is an award-winning digital marketing agency that drives results … [Read more...]

Another Excellent QR Code Advertisement

This print advertisement by Columbia Sportswear is an example of how a 2D barcode campaign should be done.And, yet, it is so simple.The QR Code is well-placed in the ad and features a simple, but direct call-to-action, which reads, "Scan to learn more." Also mentioned next to the … [Read more...]

Stubb’s BBQ Uses QR Codes To Integrate Print & Social Media

I can’t lie. I love Stubb’s BBQ sauce. I pretty much put it on everything. And after seeing that they have incorporated QR Codes onto their product labels, I could not help but blog about it. Here is a picture of the back label of the Stubb’s BBQ sauce … [Read more...]

And the Best Mobile Barcode Campaign of 2011 is…

Only three days are left to nominate what you believe was the best mobile barcode campaign of the past year. With literally a handful of campaigns to judge against (i.e., those that have passed my 2D barcode litmus test), the field is wide open for nominations from advertisers, … [Read more...]

SnapTags (Do Not) Push Scanning Technology Forward

Yesterday, an article on Publishers Weekly titled "SnapTags Push Scanning Technology Forward - Move Over, QR Codes" caught my eye, and there are a few items that I question the author, Gabe Habash, on.First, the title itself. Mr. Habash, how are SnapTags pushing scanning … [Read more...]