Archives for April 2011

Petunias have their own QR Codes at Home Depot

A weekend visit to the garden center a our local Home Depot found QR codes on their newly arrived seasonal plants. The labels on most annuals, shrubs, herbs, tomatoes and other vegetables are now emblazoned with QR codes along with the normal info. Most any question you would … [Read more...]

The ATL Welcomes Travelers with QR Codes, Discounts & Deals

  Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport unveils new QR Code on campaign! As travelers make their way through the concourses of the ATL they will be able to scan QR Codes for discounts at airport stores and vendors. The mobile site also gives travelers valuable … [Read more...]

Triple Easter Egg QR Code!!

Jimmy Fallon's attention to detail, social media and entertainment is apparent again in his Friday night performance featuring Stephen Colbert with the Roots and Taylor Hicks singing Rebecca Black's "Friday!" Enjoy the video, but keep an eye out for the QR code. Did you … [Read more...]