Archives for August 2010

TrueBlood Trailer Gives Sneak Peek at QR Code

If you watched the TrueBlood Season 3 trailer you may have caught a quick glimpse of the latest in QR codes. Not all readers can parse the code with its stylized color scheme. Perhaps it wasn't visible on the screen long enough for viewers to react and have their scanners … [Read more...]

Clikbrix Gives You a Peek Inside Homes for Sale

Here is an interesting perspective on QR Codes used in real estate... Even in a housing slump, the area we call home is still in high demand, so we've resolved ourselves as renters for life (we love our neighborhood, so the idea of moving isn't really a desirable option). … [Read more...]

Dave’s Killer Bread @killerbreadman Launches QR Code Retail Shelf Talker Video Series

Customers Watch Short Informative Videos Instantly In The Bread Aisle On Their Smart Phones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc) At the 28th Comcast Bite of Seattle, Dave's Killer Bread is launching a new informative one minute QR Code video series consumers can access through … [Read more...]

Crazy Code Contest Recap

The ScanLife “Crazy Code” Competition came to a close when we announced Susan Lambeck as our winner.  We saw a wide variety of innovative ways to use ScanLife – turtles to toilet paper were adorned with 2D codes! But, it was Susan’s idea of putting a QR code on a stamp that … [Read more...]

Fundraising with QR Codes: WWF Save the Tiger Campain

For the WWF Germany Tiger Campaign, WWF used QR Codes next to SMS. Heldisch has made the campaign and used Kaywa's QR Code... … [Read more...]

QR codes are Everywhere!

Quick Response codes or QR codes are showing up everywhere. Would you recognize one if you saw it? Do you know what to do with one if you saw it? From the now infamous Calvin Klein Jeans billboard QR codes in downtown New York and on Sunset Boulevard in LA, to the garbage … [Read more...]