10 QR Code Widgets and WordPress Plugins

Are you ready to take the plunge and create your own QR Codes to point to your website or put on your business card? Perhaps you want a QR Code for a certain blog post or to send an email or SMS message. Do you want to make your own QR Codes without leaving your WordPress site? You are in luck! There are multiple types of QR Codes and as many types of QR Code generating plug ins! We have put together a list of some of the best QR Code Widgets and WordPress plugins.


QR Code Redirect – WP plugin

Developed by: Nikki Bright, QR Code Redirect lets you set up your own QR Code redirection site. This WordPress plugin creates a new custom post type called QR Redirect, which generates a dynamic QR code that points to the post’s permalink. You specify the URL to redirect the post. Great for offsite contest, form, newsletter sign-up, etc. Change the URL you’re redirecting to without having to worry about updating the QR code in your advertising media. [Read More]

WordPress: Plugin – QR Redirect | NLB Creations

Download: QR Code Redirect


Wolfram Alpha – QR  Code Generator Widget

Wolfram Alpha offers a variety of widgets and one is a QR Code Generator that can easily be added to your website or blog. You can specify the color and size of the widget to fit your site. Create QR Codes for URL, plain text, or phone numbers. The QR Code correction level is … [Read More]


Simple QR Code Widget Generator – WP plugin

Developed by Richard Royal, Simple QR Code let’s you place a QR Code generator or your WordPress site do that you and anyone visiting your WordPress site can create your own QR Codes for URL, Business Card or Text Message. Or you can place it within your sidebar as a widget. Be warned there is a watermark. Premium version available. [Read More]

Website: Steele Agency

DownLoad: Simple QR Code


QR Code Tag – WP plugin

Developed by Dennis D. Spreen, QR Code Tag lets you create QR Codes in your WordPress blog or site with the QR Code Tag Plugin and a couple of shortcodes. Another simple action to create QR Codes from the text or URL that you insert between the shortcodes. QR Codes can be output for your other projects in multiple formats including… [Read More]


Download: QR Code Tag


 Mobile-Barcodes.com – Widget

From: mobile-barcodes.com

Create  QR Codes for your URL, a text message, phone number, SMS or email. You can add this QR Code generator to a WordPress site, Joomla, or  traditional site with the addition of a couple of lines of code. To add this Widget to your site, visit Mobile-Barcode.com to get the code to add to a page, post or … [Read More].


Generate Social Network Profile QR Code – WP Plugin

The Generate Social Network Profile QR Code is a sidebar widget that will display a QR Code that links to one of several choices of your social media links! Create a QR Code for Facebook, Digg, Blogger, Flickr, Flixter, Hellotxt, Jaiku, MySpace, Orkut, Slashdot, Twitter, Vimeo, WordPress, Xing, or YouTube. In fact you can… [Read More]


QR Tipsy – WP Plugin

Create QR Codes 2 different ways with this WordPress plugin. There is a dashboard widget and a custom meta box that appears at the bottom of the post or page editor. Add a QR Code to your posts with out leaving the editor.

  • Converts your links into Qr Codes.
  • The Qr Codes are Then Displayed in theTooltips.
  • The Tooltips Come With Six Different Color Variations.
  • The Size of Qr Codes can be Customized. See the documentation.
  • The Plugin Also includes a Url Shortener, Dashboard Widget and a Custom Meta Box in the Post and Page Editor.
    [Read More]


5 Second QR Codes -WP Plugin

This plugin is simple to use. After activating the plugin, just add the proper shortcodes in your posts, pages or text widgets in your sidebar to create your own QR Codes! Simple! Several variations are … [Read More]

This is my first QR Code.
This is my first QR Code.


Google API

Add QR Codes to each one of your posts by adding this code in your WordPress site’s single.php file in the place where you want the QR Code to appear. This code uses Google Chart API to create QR Codes for each post in your WordPress site or blog! Just that… [Read More]


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